Take advantage of the holiday season and save 15% on all Airbnb (US) gift cards at Bitrefill, and also earn 1% Sats-back, instantly. If you plan to visit family and friends or just s deserved get away, travel on crypto with Bitrefill + Airbnb

Travel on crypto, save big, get Sats-back

Get an Airbnb gift card from Bitrefill, here.

It’s that time of year again, and Airbnb has teamed up with Bitrefill to offer an amazing deal.

For a limited time, when you purchase an Airbnb gift card from Bitrefill you’ll instantly save 15%, while earning 1% Sats back on every purchase. …

For a limited time, every Twitch (US) gift card is 10% off all purchases of $150 or more, which makes this the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite gamer. When you buy a Twitch gift card from Bitrefill, you’ll also earn 1% Sats-back as usual.

Get a Twitch gift card from Bitrefill, here.

The Holidays: a perfect time to save big on Twitch Subscriptions

The holidays are in full swing, and so are huge savings when you shop for a Twitch gift card at Bitrefill, the world’s largest crypto store. Save 10% instantly on all Twitch (US) gift cards when you purchase $150 or more, and instantly earn 1% Sats-back!

Twitch, is the most…

Un elemento crítico de abandonar el fiat y vivir con cripto es pagar tus gastos mensuales, como el alquiler, la electricidad, el agua, Internet, el teléfono (móvil y fijo) y el cable. Bitrefill se complace en anunciar nuestra alianza con Punto Xpress.

Ya puedes pagar fácilmente con bitcoin tus gastos mensuales como electricidad, agua, teléfono fijo y móvil, TV, Internet, hipotecas, ¡impuestos! y más a través de Bitrefill.

A su vez, un Salvadoreño que vive en los Estados Unidos puede usar las aplicaciones Cash App o Strike + Bitrefill, y pagar la…

If you have home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to tackle, now’s the perfect time because Lowe’s gift cards are 10% off for a limited time at Bitrefill, and you’ll instantly receive 5% Sats-back rewards

Cross those home improvement projects off your “honey do” list

We’re happy to announce that for a limited time only, all Lowe’s (US) gift cards are 10% off at Bitrefill, and you’ll instantly get 5% Sats-back rewards on every purchase.

Get a Lowe’s gift card from Bitrefill, here.

Lowe’s is America’s favorite home improvement center, and offers a wide selection…

Estamos orgulhosos de anunciar nossa integração com o Binance Pay — que permitirá que nossos clientes o utilizem como forma de pagamento na Bitrefill, ou ainda que comprem nossos produtos no app da Binance, instantaneamente e sem taxas!

Como sacar da Binance sem usar bancos?

Pois é, usando a Bitrefill você converte seu saldo de cripto da Binance em saldo para as melhores marcas de todo o mundo — sem precisar fazer mais cadastros, e o melhor, instantaneamente.

Para encontrar essa opção, você precisa ativar a versão PRO…

Living on crypto just got a lot less costly, as we introduce “No Fee” pricing on thousands of our most popular gift cards, which make 85% of our sales volume. Pay face value. Not a Sat more!

Pay face value for all gift cards and mobile refills in the following national product catalogs:

Zero fees on thousands of our most popular gift cards & refills

At Bitrefill, we source some cards at a discount, some at the same value, and some at a premium (the ones harder to get). …


Live on crypto with gift cards, phone refills, and Lightning Network access. https://bitrefill.com

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