Celebrate the 3rd Bitcoin Halving with Bitrefill

We will also be announcing other special events in which Bitrefill will be taking part, So stay tuned to our Twitter, and our Telegram chat for details. The Bitcoin halving of 2020 will be the biggest Bitcoin celebration to date, as the community has become a lot larger over the last 4 years.

Why is the Bitcoin halving important?

Satoshi Nakamoto truly understood economics and the principles of sound money. For Bitcoin’s design, he tried to replicate the qualities of precious metals like Gold and Silver, and recreate them digitally, creating cryptographically provable scarcity.

Mining is how new Bitcoin is “minted”

In order to create a completely new kind of digital currency, Satoshi had to decide how to issue the new coins in a fair manner, and settled upon mining, and Proof of Work. Anyone is free to solve PoW calculations and mine blocks.

Visit the moon with Bitrefill Airways



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